Kododilla Bidodilla






Dario Fo was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1997. He was popular as a playwright for writing about current issues and for his satire style of narration. He brought out issues in the society very well through this characters and made sure that people started thinking about this in a very constructive way. Many of his plays have created a movement in itself to showcase the drawbacks of an establishment. This play has been translated and adapted to Kannada by Krishna Hebbale. We chose this play in continuation with the idea of bringing out socially relevant issues.

Director’s Word

Kododilla Bidodilla is an adaptation of the play Can’t Pay-Won’t Pay written by Dario Fo. Through this play, Dario brings into fore the common problems and its difficulties to the middle class and how the establishment can turn a blind eye to all these. In a very funny way, he brings out the issues of price rise, unemployment and many other things through two middle-class families. Can’t Pay, Won’t pay is a revolt in itself by the bourgeoisie class against the establishment.