Sanchaya is a theatre group which has made a name for itself in the art and culture circles of Bangalore. Established in 1988, Sanchaya was the dream child of G. S. Rama Rao, a teacher at MES High School, Jayanagar, Bangalore. Fondly called GSR by Sanchayans, he envisioned the role of art and culture in moulding human personalities, and brought together his students to form a troupe. Aptly named Sanchaya (meaning “Coming together of”), it was intended to be a melting pot of drama, literature, and creativity. The team started out by putting together plays by the then students and now, founding members. The very first play “Vallabhapuriya Dantakathe” set the beginning for the wonderful journey that is in its 33rd year now. Many plays followed and with it, the transformation of the troupe from a student-centered group to a professionally managed popular theatre team. Today we have a repertoire of more than 40 plays.

Along the way, we have had gratifying achievements that make us proud. We have reached theatre lovers across many cities in India. We have performed at “Bharat Rang Mahotsav” hosted by National School of Drama, New Delhi.

The play “Pratibimbagalu” garnered wide critical acclaim for the multi-dimensional portrayal of a classic play. We have also organized many Theatre Festivals to provide a platform for young amateur teams to showcase their plays. With the vision of bringing all the theatre teams of Bangalore together, we organized a flagship event called “Ranga-Ugadi”. We call these endeavors “Enriching Theater Brotherhood”. Not restricting our vista to plays alone, we have been organizing musical events as well.

Sanchaya’s directorial repertoire includes prominent theatre artists like C.G. Krishnamurthy, R. Nagesh, S. Surendranath, Suresh Anagalli, Krishnamurthy Kavathar, S. K. Madhava Rao, Abbur Jayatheertha, Kathlu Satya, Iqbal Ahmed, Joseph John, Shashidhar Barighat, among others. It has groomed many artists who have become famous film and TV actors, producers, and directors today. We are also very proud of having enticed a whole new generation of youngsters towards theatre, keeping with the true spirit of GSR. Our theatre family, as we like to call it, has grown to include more than 200 members.

We invite you to be part of our journey!